GCT-iCall CB 38 :   Desktop Audio Console

System Overview

The GCT-iCall -CB38 is an ergonomically designed, compact desktop audio communication console with dual speaker, gooseneck mic, a 2x16 character LCD and a highly durable keypad.

It is an economic and robust radio base station control unit designed with simplicity of use and ease of configuration in mind. It provides full control of remotely located radio sets via balanced audio lines and optically isolated control lines. All details are displayed on a two-line sixteen character backlit display.

This unit is capable of handling communications applications with directly connected devices /radios up to 500 meters.

The GCT Console is the most versatile console which directly connects to Radio base stations from the leading manufacturers. The unit could be interfaced with any analog or digital radio having an accessory port at the rear end for interface connections.

This unit covers communications applications where the operator is within 500 meters from the radio equipment.
The unit along with GCT-IP Link  RoIP gateways can be used to manage Radio base stations that are at greater distances.


  • Built-in  dual speakers with crystal clear audio
  • Detachable Goose neck microphone
  •  LCD Display: All details are displayed on a two-line sixteen character backlit display.
  •  User friendly LED indications general system status
  • DTMF encoder  for Signalling
  • Energy  efficient Class D Audio amplifier
  • Flexible  option radio channel change or equipment control through DTMF/Rs232/Digital I/O
  • Real time clock with time and date set from the front panel
  • Highly durable keypad  with extra large PTT key
  • 8 Dedicated programmable function keys
  • Menu System:  The menu system provides the operator access to many of the system facilities. The menu is accessed by pressing the menu key and then using the up and down scroll keys to move through the menu options.
  • Foot Switch PTT facility (Optional)

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