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GCT IP-Link (Radio VoIP gateway system)

GCT-IP Link provides Voice over IP (VoIP) communications between Land Mobile Radios, Telecom systems and various VoIP networked communication terminals over internet or other TCP/IP networks.

GCT-IP Link is designed to support a variety of configurations, from simple point to point extension of radio network  to complex networks of multi-site connectivity over intermediate links such as LAN, WAN, Internet, GSM 3G/4G network or satellite.
The system provides next generation radio and intercom communication capabilities while dramatically reducing size, weight and power requirements over previous generation technology.

GCT-IP Link integrates 1 Radio / Audio port, a VoIP Gateway, Client-Server, and Call Manager into a single compact, light weight and low power system. It runs on embedded Linux platform and provide seamless interface between radios using open standards Voice over IP technology. Version is available with 2 radio/audio ports.

The system has been designed to transport signalling schemes such as DTMF over data networks.
It is capable of producing exceptional audio quality at a very low bandwidth.

The system can operate with one static IP anywhere in the network and the balance nodes could use dynamic IP’s.

GCT IP link has the provision of in-built dual  3G/4G engine with GPS/GNSS and auto network changeover facility. In case wired IP/ LAN / WAN link is not available, the device can work on 3G/4G  network.

The system analog radio/audio port features transformer- isolated 4-wire audio, Carrier Operated Switching (COS) inputs and relay-operated PTT transmit control.

It also provides Voice Activity Detection (VAD) and silence suppression. VAD is useful when connecting to communication equipment that does not provide a COS or Mute output. It performs a VOX function.

GCT-IP Link is configurable via in-built web server for system parameter configuration.

VoIP Gateway :

The GCT–IP Link has built-in Gateway and Server capability which can handle a large number of nodes. With a reasonable throughput network bandwidth.

Transportable Node

A Transportable version of RoIP is also available with Radio, RoIP, PSU, Battery and other accessories integrated in a compact rugged carrying case to act as a remote node. Radios around these remote nodes can also communicate to each other through the telecom cloud or to the Control Center. The Transportable version comes with a standard Ethernet-based connection as well as an in-built dual SIM 3G/4G Modem with auto network change-over facility.

Features :

  • Audio/Radio interface : 4 wire transformer isolated audio interface with software programmable input and output gain
  • Supports single point to point and distributed multi-site systems
  • Network link control : Support enable or disable network linking using  DTMF signaling to connect or disconnect stations/nodes with just a few DTMF codes
  • Supports Unicast (point-to-point) and Multicast (Point to Multipoint) communication
  • Automated call routing feature allows networked user dial access to multiple radio networks and conference call.
  • Voice Activity Detection (VAD) can be used to detect active audio packets on the radio connection in order to activate the Push to Talk (PTT) on the radio for it to transmit
  • COS/PTT facility : Manual activation through COS and PTT can be used to key the remote radios
  • Optional inbuilt dual SIM 3G/4G Modem with auto network change over facility. This modem comes with GPS/GNSS and Diversity Gain to resist fading and multipath effect in high speed motion
  • Voice Codec : low-latency and high-quality Opus codec
  • Highly Secured / Encrypted data communication ( TLS negotiation cypher suite  with AES 128 ) over IP network
  • Multiple Serial ports & I/0 Ports : Versions are available with 1 or 2 serial ports ( RS 232) & with 4 Digital I/O ports( 2 in /2 out).These can be use for remote Telemetry.
  • LED Indications in Front Panel for various parameters. Additional OLED display for Model with 3G/4G Modem

Technical Specifications

Network Interface 10/100 BaseT Ethernet port, RJ-45 connector
Operating Mode Point-to-Point and  Multipoint communication
Communication Mode Half / Full Duplex
Tx/Rx Control Push to Talk (PTT/COS) / Voice Activated (VAD)
Voice Codec Low-latency and High-quality Opus codec
Security TLS negotiation cypher suite  with AES 128
User Interface Web based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
UART / Serial Server (Optional) 1 port / 2  Port Asynchronous RS 232
Digital Input / Output (Optional) Optically isolated  2 input & 2 output
Network Bandwidth / Channel 16 – 32kbps per channel (Typical) (64 kbps Max)
Number of Radio Channels 1 ( Default) or 2 (Optional)
Power Input 12 V DC Typical (10.8 V - 30 V Max) @750mA Max. ( 2 A max, incase of Model with 3G/4G Modem with GPS)
USB Port 2 USB 2.0 type A Female ports
Radio Connection 4 Wire transformers isolated 600 Ω balanced audio interfaces with PTT & Optically isolated COS Signaling
Form Factor Desktop / Portable
Operating Temperature 0 - 55°C
Humidity 0 - 95% non-condensing
Weight Approx 1 lbs

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