IP Speaker/Paging System Range


System Overview :

GCT IP Speaker/Paging system is designed for voice paging/announcement, emergency, safety or security notification and alerting through IP backbones such as LAN, WAN or Internet. The Paging Speaker is equipped with a high efficiency integrated digital audio amplifier for loud and crisp audio. Typical application environments include: classroom, schools, utility plants, factories, warehouses, machine shops, parking, lunch rooms, kitchen, institutes, parks, remote localities etc.

Every IP speaker (iSPEAK) doubles as an Intercom (iCALL) when equipped with an optional integrated microphone enabling talk-back/two-way communication feature. One can initiate a call by pressing a push-button, and speak from the device to the Control room. The IP Speaker functions as a durable, weather resistant, wall or pole mounted  loudspeaker that extends the reach of audio communication to indoor/outdoor environments.

Control Centre needs a Desktop Audio Console with built-in Paging Controller for announcement and two-way communication.

GCT- iSPEAK/iCALL functions as a paging system that can broadcast live audio messages or prerecorded audio messages to target specific rooms, areas, buildings, campuses or remote localities. Announcement can be made selectively to individual nodes or in a group.

Features :

    • Digital amplifier with High efficiency codec to broadcast or multi-cast audio, voice, and music
    • Multi-functional high quality speaker for voice paging, loud ringing, emergency notification alerting
    • iCALL is available with built-in microphone with Echo cancellation and noise cancellation for two-way voice communication
    • Auto-provisioning of remote units (i.e., Auto-Updation of remote node configuration from controller)
    • Network interface: Ethernet interface/WI-FI/GSM/4G
    • Audio Output :  10 W
    • 220 V AC operation
    • Audio announcement from the control centre to individual, multiple, or all the remote speakers simultaneously. Multi-cast to scale from one to many speakers.
    • Remote Device Status check
    • LED indications
    • Lineout Facility to interface with external high power   Audio Amplifier Systems
    • Optional Wi-Fi or GSM/4G connectivity modules
    • Computer based Despatcher, External I/O ports and SIP gateway (IP PABX connectivity) facilities are available on special request

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