GCT-Corder  --  Voice Recording System

Product Overview

Record All Your HF/VHF/UHF and Telephone Calls  Automatically

GCT Communications Recorders and software are designed to meet the specialized needs of voice logger for public safety and other critical communication users. It runs on embedded Linux platform and fully meets the needs for Safety & Security Recording through extensive compatibility with various communication systems.

GCT-Corder is a compact, standalone, self-contained 2, 4 or 8 channel voice logger. It consists of an In-built hard-disk for continuous for 24/7 uninterrupted recording. LEDs for various status indication is also provided. It also comes with Ethernet interface to connect to PC for voice record retrieval, search, playback and backup and USB port for direct downloading of selected recorded files in USB drive.

It records all of your calls automatically. It can record  the following communications

  • Analog telephone lines
  • HF/VHF/UHF Transceivers
  • 2 /4 Wire E&M
  • Any other compatible analog audio source

The  GCT-Corder store the date and time stamped conversations on its internal hard drives without any need to be connected to a host PC or Server on LAN. It is capable of local playback through its built-in 2 Watt audio amplifier and speaker. Playback, Set-up and archiving functions can be accessed either through a standalone PC Software or with the Recorder directly.

The GCT-Corder has the capability of being accessed and controlled over the LAN through PC based application that can be used to manage various hardware and software options like configuring voice logger parameters, monitoring alarms, play, sort and search the recordings, transfer recordings for archiving from the GCT-Corder hard drive to the external hard drive, USB Drive or CD recorder or on the PC hard disk etc..

Live monitoring of on going audio conversations at any channel is possible via the built in speaker of voice  logger or by  inserting audio jack with headphone or through PC.

The GCT-Corder has security and file system encryption features with multi-level user and admin passwords to prevent unauthorized access to the recorder parameters and recorded audio data.

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