Universal Networked Display Driver



System Overview

Universal Networked Display Driver is a single compact, light weight and low power universal card providing a universal driver solution for all kinds of single colour, dual color and RGB LED displays. It is also equipped with battery backed Real Time Clock (RTC) and GSM/GPRS Modem

The system provides next-generation interconnection capabilities while dramatically allowing for all kinds of communication interfaces and protocols. It has direct physical control facility for displaying messages using USB/Ethernet port of the board as well as from a remote place using web based application through onboard GSM /GPRS engine or internet connectivity.

It is capable of handling and rendering Unicode Multilingual data streams transferred from a remote server or computer, through  GSM/GPRS or through Wi-Fi/LAN.  Any user can log in using  proper user ID/Authentication through LAN/Internet & create his/her own messages & transmit the same to any display location or all locations

GCT-Networked Display Driver is designed to support a variety of configurations of LED Matrix Displays available in the market. It is equipped with 4 (four) HUB12 and 1 (one) HUB75 ports. Displays with HUB08 and custom ports can also be connected through optional Port Adapter sold separately.

The display system has the intelligence to capture specific news /time /pollution etc. URL’s from the internet cloud & display the same if required at predetermined intervals.

This card has multiple General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) both Analog and Digital (PWM capable) for local use at the Display site. These can be used for sensing local parameters for remote monitoring applications.

GCT-Networked Display Driver has a web based GUI for necessary operations, remote monitoring, remote control and messaging applications. APIs are also available for integration with C&C systems.

Salient Features:

    • Capable of displaying both Single, Dual and True Color RCB Displays. Supports almost all standard single/dual and RGB displays available in the market.
    • Multi-line LED scrolling displays
    • In-built GSM/GPRS Modem.
    • Connectivity Over Cloud and Wireless Transmitting & Control
    • On-board Audio In / Out with GSM call support.
    • Mesasge display facility: Onsite as well as  remotely over the Internet / Cloud
    • Display sizes:  Available up to 90 single color (32x16) or 45 dual color (32x16) Panels and 9 RGB (32x16) panels
    • Font Library for English and Hind. Font Library for other Indian regional languages are available for volume requirement
      Supports Unicode / UTF-8 text.
    • Serial Ports UART : 3 (three)
  • USB OTG and Device Ports
  • Digital I/O Pins: 54 (of which 12 provide PWM output)
  • Supports for Temperature, Brightness, Humidity, Atmospheric Pressure, Altitude Sensors integration.
  • On-board Real Time Clock with Battery backup.
  • Interfaces for future expansion: I2C, SPI, UART, CAN BUS  for Industrial / Automotive Applications

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